Sober Indian Riders

Sober Indian Riders is a family oriented group of clean and sober American Indian bikers whose primary goal is to have fun and share the clean and sober biker lifestyle. You don't have to be a biker to be a member. You don't have to own a bike. You don't have to be in recovery. The only requirement for membership is that you live and/or support a clean and sober biker lifestyle and like motorcycles.
There are no gender, race, or recovery program requirements for membership. For current information see website


Purpose: Sober Indian Riders is a social club. The membership body offers fellowship to motorcyclist in recovery from alcohol abuse and or drugs. Sober Indian Riders is not a recovery program or a religion in itself. Sober Indian Riders does not endorse one recovery program, religion or religious denomination as superior to another. However, the influence of American Indian Traditions and Customs, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and a Higher Power is strong within Sober Indian Riders. Members are encouraged to take whatever steps necessary for them to live a clean, sober and legal lifestyle. Sober Indian Riders is to be self-supporting via events hosted, dues paid and sales of Sober Indian Riders merchandise to its membership. We may accept unsolicited contributions as long as there are no requirements or conditions imposed upon Sober Indian Riders.


Membership: Sober Indian Riders is open to anyone, both those in recovery and those who support those in recovery regardless of race or gender. The only true requirement is a desire to live and/or support a clean and sober lifestyle. If a Supporter, this includes not drinking or using in the presence of the general membership or while wearing the Sober Indian patch. "Members" are people in recovery or those who chose to practice total abstinence; "Supporters" are all others. The Representative from your Reservation, county or state will be notified about you. If members/supporters are nearby, you are encouraged to go meet them. It is the hope of Sober Indian Riders that friendships will form and support will begin. That is what our chapters are built on. You are free to join a chapter or remain independent. No particular brand of motorcycle is required.


Sober Indian Logo: $70.00


Dues: $15.00


Affiliations, Coalitions, Federations, etc.: Sober Indian Riders is an association, not a motorcycle club. Therefore, as an association Sober Indian Riders cannot enter into affiliations, coalitions, federations etc, as a motorcycle club would. However, Sober Indian Riders accepts its responsibility to help support bikers rights organizations as best it can on the National level. Sober Indian Riders respects all traditional motorcycle clubs and in no way means any disrespect to any of them. The Sober Indian Riders membership is urged to use judgment with regard to wearing any support items. Misunderstanding can easily happen as we travel across the country and from event to event.


Territories and Boundaries: Sober Indian Riders has no boundaries and claims no territories. Sober Indian Riders uses established Indian Reservation, geographical boundaries and State lines purely as an organizational tool to help us better keep track of Sober Indian Riders members/supporters. Sober Indian Riders chapters have names that tend to reflect recovery or inspire; they are also numbered to help keep track of them. They have no meaning in regards to claiming any territories or establishing boundaries.


Runs, Events & Meetings: There are no mandatory runs, events or chapter meetings in Sober Indian Riders. We are indeed a social association and highly encourage our members to get together for such events. Directors will try to coordinate one or more events per year; however, no event or run will be mandatory. Chapters are encouraged to plan fun get together and rides to various events as often as they want but should never pressure members/supporters to attend. We are about social fun not mandatory attendance.